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It’s your Circular Brighton & Hove and we want to involve you. We’ve been organising events on a pro bono basis for over a year and we love it when our members get involved! One member suggested we create a survey to see who wants to get involved in what, and what kinds of wonderful skills you all have, so here it is! Please use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know how you would like to help.

The examples below are suggestions only so please feel free to be creative and think of new ways that you can contribute that fit with Circular Brighton & Hove’s vision and Declaration aims.  
  1. What kind of skills do you have that you would like to use? (Or, if you prefer, skip this question and provide more relevant details next to the topics which interest you below.
  2. Is there a specific aspect of Circular Economy which you’re interested in? Maybe a specific industry (e.g. food, fashion, construction, etc)? Look at the definitions and videos on our home page if you’d like a little inspiration.
  3. Are you already involved in something circular, or knowledgeable on a specific topic? If so, let us know what, and if you’d like to host or co-host an event on that theme. Have a look at our blogs to see previous examples. 
  4. Would you like to be involved in planning an event? How would you like to help? For example, design/create a poster, create whizzy slides, provide catering.
  5. Would you like to help out on the night? How would you like to help? For example, welcome people as they arrive, make videos, take photos for social media, host a table during focus group discussions, provide food/drink, deliver presentations etc. 
  6. Would you like to help out with research? Good research is about asking the right questions and sometimes not being an experienced researcher allows the obvious question to be asked so regardless of whether you’re an academic and/or an experienced researcher or not, you may wish to get involved in our research projects.
  7. Would you like to help out with promoting Circular Brighton & Hove, developing communications, social media and website tasks? For example, we may create a Facebook group for members and would need a small team of Administrators to keep an eye on it, assistance with writing blogs etc.
  8. Would you like to help out with developing the Declaration? Have you had experience of this type of activity elsewhere or are you just interested in contributing? How would you like to help?
  9. Is there anything else you’d like to help out with? 
Information submitted will be held securely and will comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Let us know how you would like to Volunteer

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